The Flukes- From The Depths pt 1 Deep

Rock and roll music can mean many things to many people and how one perceives it can vary greatly depending one’s own expectations. Most current rock and roll bands are obsessed with trying to find their sound and perfect it, local Manasquan band The Flukes seemed to have found theirs on their debut EP From The Depths Pt 1 Deep which is an infectious and exhilarating collection of songs full of chemistry and exuberance. The feel and tone of the EP is very much influenced by bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and other funk inspired bands but still manages to retain a vibrant and organic energy of it’s own throughout. opener “Edge of Town” starts proceedings off with some strong psychedelic rock and funk vibes and boosts some truly expressive guitar and instrumentation, the band’s unity and fluidity is very much on display here as well.

The Flukes display a very diverse and well-rounded sound and that comes through on track “Euphoria” which is more romantic in terms of songwriting and has a warm and mellow atmosphere with some groovy guitars and drumming and “What a Ride” the lead single off the EP is a classic-sounding old-school rock number that contains spirited and electrifying performances from the entire band.
What allows From The Depths Pt 1 Deep such an enjoyable listening experience is that The Flukes as a band are dedicated to making rock and roll music that’s pure fun yet still musically distinct. Each song has loads of charm and energy and in terms of presentation each number has a flare and cohesion that plays off the preceding track effortlessly. What truly makes The Flukes such a promising and engaging act is that their album manages to be ambitious and grand in terms of sound while also remaining focused and well-crafted. This can be indicated on closing track “Found” which is a sprawling 8-minute track that stills manages to pack in tight guitars, killer solos and an all around exhilarating performance from every member of the band.

The overall package of From The Depths adds up to some of the most consistently satisfying and enjoyable rock music released this year and is indication of The Fluke’s ever-growing potential. Rock and roll will always continue to change and evolve, but with the presence of up and coming bands such as The Flukes, it’s spirit will no doubt live on and hopefully find some listeners along the way, what a Ride it’s gonna be.


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