Callout- Mad Love Music Video Review

Rock and roll has a notable history of love songs and songs about immense and dramatic displays of emotion. One topic rock and roll however doesn’t always get to explore is that of broken relationships or relationships that can be toxic and deadly to our physical and mental selves. Local New Jersey Callout a female-fronted alternative four piece group examine this subject with an unflinching intensity in the video for their latest single “Mad Love”.  The group consisting of Becky Khusidman on lead vocals, Jake Feldman on lead guitar, Brian Cater on drums and Anthony Sabino on bass fuel their song with a gothic darkness and a visceral instrumental-based sound not unlike that of Halestorm or Evanescence but still containing their own distinct style and delivering emotionally charged performances in the process. The video itself is a unique  interpretation of the song, taking on a very theatrical approach that’s cinematic yet grounded.

The video manages to utilize visual storytelling effectively as it depicts an abusive relationship and one must endure before they decide to make a change and free themselves of the situation. Visually it’s a mix of trippy yet atmospheric visuals and the band all deliver exhilarating performances showcasing their sense of unity and distinct styles. The performances of the two leads Jade Barry and Kenneth Raspas are natural and emotive allowing for us to gain resonance for the narrative.  Overall Callout’s latest single and video announce them as a dynamic act willing to create insightful yet invigorating rock and roll, check out the video below to see it for yourself!


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