What a Ride: How Local Rock Band The Flukes are Keeping Rock and Roll Alive

SONY DSC  Mike Trilli of The Flukes on Bass

They say that being in a band can feel like family but for Manasquan-based rock band The Flukes, that saying holds even more true. The Flukes started out as jam sessions between lead singer Kyle Missry and lead guitarist Anthony Trilli who eventually recruited his two brothers Joe Trilli and Mike Trilli as drummer and bassist respectively. What started out as the band practicing Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers covers eventually led to them performing on-stage at famed venues such as The Stone Pony and Starland Ballroom, with a new single out and their latest EP to be released soon I sat down with The Flukes to discuss their humble beginnings, the importance of a good dynamic and where the band’s future is headed.

SONY DSC   Kyle Missry  Lead Singer of The Flukes performing at House of Independents 7/7/18

In the early days lead singer Kyle Missry and guitarist Anthony Trilli began by simply practicing Front Bottoms songs and Missry attempting to teach Trilli guitar, when Missry took an absence for school he returned to find the roots of a band forming.

“In that gap I decided I wanted to learn this thing so I started practicing old Nirvana songs through youtube and eventually I went to Joe and Mike” says guitarist Anthony Trilli, from there the band started to formulate it’s early sound and establish the dynamic they carry today. In their early days, The Flukes were very much inspired by classic rock groups such as Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili Peppers and attempted to harness their influences into a sound that was distinctly their own.

SONY DSC  Anthony Trilli of The Flukes on lead guitar at House of Independents 7/7/18/

“We tried mixing a bunch of sounds to create our own and took parts of each genre into our sound” drummer Joe Trilli says about trying to define The Fluke’s signature style. For their forthcoming EP From The Depth Pt.1,  The Flukes as band want to create a sound that’s more prominently their own and representative of where each band member is coming from, “For this EP we really wanted this sound to be who we are and what we’re feeling” expresses drummer Joe Trilli.

Adding to that lead singer Kyle Missry discusses how the EP will hopefully be a launching point for the band going forward, “We’re still in the early stages of writing our own music so we’re not entirely sure what our identity is yet but we’re working towards it.” The band is aiming to create a dynamic musical experience on their EP with each song offering something distinct for listeners.

Speaking about the songs on the EP, the band emphasize that each selection showcases a unique aspect of the band itself.

“We’re not just chasing one sound, whatever’s coming out is being put out, there’s no we can’t use this cause it doesn’t sound like us because nothing sounds like us” expresses lead guitarist Anthony Trilli. The process of recording their EP has been very collaborative with each band member being involved in the creation of the music. In addition to crafting their latest release, The Flukes are dedicated to giving audiences a memorable experience on stage.

“It’s all in the music and the confidence, when we first started playing we were stiff, but the more we played we just let the music move us” Missry says of how they developed their high energy and vibrant stage presence, “You’re not going just for the music but for the entertainment as well.”

The experience of watching The Flukes live is undeniably vibrant as the band dons extravagant wardrobe and run and jump on stage while engaging full-on with their instruments displaying a notable enthusiasm while doing so.
The chemistry and cohesion of The Flukes as a band stems from the fact that three of it’s four members are family and their mother Grace serves as their manager, they also learned their instruments together at the same time. It wasn’t until their first Brighton Bar show however that the band pushed through to what they were truly capable of together, “The bar was just set high and we had to pass that bar every time” Anthony Trilli says.

From there, the band has performed alongside notable local bands such as Work In Progress at The Stone Pony and Starland Ballroom and this past summer performed alongside The Ones You Forgot at their EP Release show at The House of Independents. Currently, The Flukes are planning their own EP release show and have just released their debut single “What a Ride”, but more importantly they’re dedicated to being the best possible band that can be.
“If you don’t have the desire to move forward it’s not gonna work, you all have to have the same mindset”. Drummer Joe Trilli says about the work ethic the band instills in themselves. As a group, The Flukes value communication and chemistry, something that naturally builds from their family dynamic and shared desire to progress.

“We’re in communication everyday, not a day goes by where I’m not talking to these guys” lead singer Missry says. For The Flukes every opportunity is worth taking and the band is focused more than ever on representing their strengths. “We’re definitely for the purest music fan we’re just a singer, a bassist, a guitarist and a drummer on stage, we’re very old school rock and roll” Missry says of the group’s appeal.

Regardless of what the future holds the band will continue to perform and bring their sense of fun and energy with them while maintaining their momentum. Judging by the progress they’ve endured already their success is no fluke at all.

* You can stream The Fluke’s latest single “What a Ride” on Spotify and all other major platforms, listen to it below!   You can catch them performing at The Freehold Plaza September 29th at 7 Pm!




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