All Booked Up: How Libraries Are Still Apart Of The Community

For my most recent interview, I sat down with Stephanie and Tracy from the Colts Neck Library. We discussed the importance of libraries in local communities and just how many people still pick up books.  Also covered in our discussion is the difference between print and media and what changes have libraries endured in the past few years. Check it out the link below!

Setting: The Colts Neck Library

Plot: The role of local libraries in the community and what continuing importance they serve.

Conflict:  How do libraries compete with digital advancements, how do they adapt and in what ways will they have to stay relevant in the upcoming years?

Character: Individual as we interview both Librarians Stephanie who serves as Librarian 1 and Tracy who is head children’s librarian. Both offer their personal accounts of working in the library and what developments they’ve witnessed.

Point of View: First-person as the individuals offer their personal testimonies on what they’ve experienced, witnessed or observed working for the county library system.









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