Why IGN is a Sucessful Multi-Media Site

There are many websites in our current age that incorporate the use of multimedia to tell stories and share information to readers.  IGN a website dedicated to reviews of video games, movies, TV and other pop culture is an example of a site utilizing multimedia to its advantage. It contains a set-up that features written articles, podcasts, video interviews along with video game, TV and movie snippets. IGN as a site has an interface that equally supports the various forms of media and arranges them in a well-rounded manner.  Often times, Video and podcasts will be interwoven to supplement an article or live footage will be aired in tandem with an event’s coverage.

One aspect of IGN’s approach toward multimedia that I find effective is the way it gives readers options on how to follow their upcoming pieces.  Each week there will be a live-stream podcast covering the latest pop culture news and movie and TV reviews. One can also read the reviews as feature articles or watch the video reviews done by the writers and staff members. Each facet allows for viewer feedback and encourages the reader to pursue whichever medium they prefer. On certain articles, video links to interviews with the cast and crew or teaser clips can be found embedded within.

What I feel truly sets IGN apart from other sites that heavily use multimedia is how adaptable it’s been over the years.  The site originated with predominately video game coverage until expanding to film, television and eventually comic books.  It’s reviewing system encompasses multiple viewing platforms and is also active on social media as well.  For a site to successfully use multimedia, it has to have the ability to constantly innovate. IGN over the years has managed to do so while still maintaining a connection with its audience. On the whole, IGN has established itself as a successful multimedia outlet and will I feel continue to do so.





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