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  1. Ken,
    I really enjoyed reading the David Bowie article you posited. The article gained my interest immediately, as I have always been a fan of his.

    I chose this article first because of the title and wanted to know how Bowie met America. We see and hear many musicians after they have ‘made it’; but, the serious music lover will take the extra steps to find out how it really came about. So, the article had a strong voice, informed and enlightened, and had a distinct point of view. It was interesting to find out how Bowie struggled somewhat at the beginning of his 1972 tour. It explains what all of the British Invasion Bands were looking for – the acceptance of the band by the women of California.

    The author also quotes Bowie with his descriptions of how he viewed the cities that the were playing in. It gives validity to the story.The book excerpt focuses mainly on 1972 and 1973 and the writer stays in that time frame..

    The article was short enough, yet informative and met the criteria of the “4s” philosophy. I could not find any negative elements in the article.

    Nice find.

    Chris Matthews


  2. Of all your examples, I like the column on Roger Ebert the best because I think it has many of the qualities of “elements of an excellent column.” It starts and ends with a thank you — “clear arc.”

    It has a strong voice that demonstrates emotional range.
    Examples: “However you came to know me …” — feels like a friendship
    “At the same time, I am re-launching the new and improved …” — back to business of what his readers can expect (informs and enlightens)
    “The immediate reason for my “leave of presence” is my health.” — offers another clear arc, explains why all the changes are coming and does so with emotion

    The David Bowie article also had a clear arc – beginning and ending with California. Think about these examples when you write, too, since it seems like you are picking up on that as a technique important to what you like to read!


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